Field Solutions

To protect critical missions in the field, Dedrone Defense offers  customized counter-sUAS capabilities.

Detection and defense go hand in hand. Dedrone’s counter-sUAS capabilities are essential tools that allow warfighters to assess their airspace activity, understand the severity of sUAS threats, and develop strategic protocols to eliminate unauthorized sUAS. All sensing and effecting technology can be used in urban environments and missions in the field with little to no connectivity or access to power.


Field solutions for critical missions and complex urban environments.


Key Capabilities

Complete counter-sUAS capabilities with key features.

Modular & Future-proof system

Scalable for sites of all sizes; adapts to evolving threat profiles and unique conditions on-site

Powerful Command & Control Platform

Seamless integration into third party common operational pictures

complete kill chain solution

Sole manufacturer and developer of the DroneDefender C-sUAS device

Autonomous management

Works autonomously 24/7 and automatically triggers alerts and countermeasures


Analytics tools uncover patterns in sUAS activity in and around customer’s airspace

Flexible deployment capabilities

Dedicated on-premise deployment or cloud-based optionality


Why the U.S. Government Chooses Dedrone Defense

Leading Deployment Base

Largest number of deployments and paid base of any vendor

Best-in-Class Technology

Patented product with diverse and nimble capabilities

established experts

Highly experienced management team and world-class advisors / Tier 1 VCs

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